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Email Configuration and Settings

Webmail - accessing your email via your webmail facility

You can access your email from any computer anywhere that has access to the internet.

Simply go to http://webmail.yourdomain.com.au/ to access your webmail. (replace yourdomain.com.au with your actual domain name. For example, if your domain name is susansseashells.com.au, you would go to http://webmail.susansseashells.com.au/)

1) Go to http://webmail.yourdomain.com.au/

2) Enter your email address and it's associated password

3) Click 'Login'

You can now send and receive email messages on the go.

Standard email settings

These are the standard email settings required to set up your email account on any device, email program, iphone, etc.

Remember: Replace yourdomain.com.au with your actual domain name.

Setting Description Setting
Username The full email address. e.g. youremail@yourdomain.com.au
The password created when creating the email account within the console.All passwords must contain at least 7 characters with 2 numerical characters. e.g. mypassword123
Incoming Mail Server
The server used when receiving emails from the netregistry mail exchange. POP:
  • pop.netregistry.net


  • imap.netregistry.net
Incoming Server Port Local port connecting email software to mail exchange.

POP: Default = 110, SSL = 995

IMAP: Default = 143, SSL = 993

Outgoing Mail Server The server used when sending emails from the email software. Use either
  • smtp.netregistry.net
Outgoing Server Port Port specific to Netregistry. SSL: 465 Non SSL: 587 (standard)
Authentication Type How the connection is authenticated when connecting to the mail exchange. Non SSL: Password SSL: SSL


Setting up a POP email account tutorial

For tutorials and guides on configuring various email software and devices, please see the following links. These guides include instructions for setting up your email on many programs, such as Outlook, Android, Iphone, Ipad and more...

Please note that you will need the Standard Email Settings, as detailed above, in the following totorials.

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Outlook 2007 email setup tutorial
Apple Mail (Maverick and Yosemite) email set up tutorial
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iPhone/iPad email setup tutorial