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Resetting your Email Password

Step 1. Think of a new password to use.
- Your new password should:

  • be between 10 and 16 characters in length
  • Contain at least 2 uppercase letters
  • Contain at least 2 lowercase letters
  • Contain at least 2 numeric digits

Step 2. Login to the Connect Global Console
- Go to http://www.connectglobal.com/ and click on 'console login'.
- Enter your Account reference and Console password and then click log in.

Step 3. Administer the domain
- From the 'Account Summary Information' page, beside 'Administer/Upgrade domain', select the domain name in the 'Select domain' dropdown menu.
- Click the 'Administer' button directly to the right.

Step 4. Go to Email settings
- From the 'The Console | yourdomain.com' page, click on the 'Email' option.
*IMPORTANT NOTE: Do NOT click 'Click here to disable email' as it will delete all of your email accounts *

Step 5. Select the email account
- From the 'Email administration | yourdomain.com.au' page, under 'Active email accounts', click on the email account you wish to change the password for.

Step 6. Update the password
- On the 'Webmail User | you@yourdomain.com.au' page, under 'Update password', enter the new password you thought of in step 1 into the 'New password' field and then click 'Update'. If the password reset was successful, you will see the message displayed "Password successfully updated."

You are now finished. You may now log out of the console by clicking on the 'Logout' link near the top right.